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Alfredo in the InstantPot!
Baked Apples    photo

Beef Stroganoff in the InstantPot

Blackforest Lava Cake    photo
Butter Chicken
Chicken Noodle Soup by Chef de Home    photo
Chicken Noodle Soup by Taste and See    photo
Chicken Noodle Soup  by ThatsWhatCheSaid       photo
Chicken Paprika With Cream Sauce

Chicken, Quinoa and Veggie Soup       photo

Note: Heather Brianna Páscoa made this soup in the InstantPot.

The chicken was frozen, did 10 min high pressure and natural release.

It came out amazing!

Chicken Thighs with Risooto by Taste and See     photo
Chile Verde with LaVictoria Chili Verde Chunky Sauce (Chicken or Pork)

Chili - really good directions and tips for making it come out right    photo

Cranberry Sauce in the Instant Pot

Egg bites   5qt/6qt/8qt photo    3qt photo


egg bites mold at Amazon for 5/6/8 qt model    egg bites mold for 3 qt

French Onion Soup    photo
Galbitang - easy in the InstantPot (Short Rib Soup)  photo
Hard Boiled Eggs
Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cake    photo

Pasta! Instant Pot Egg Noodles for Swedish Meatballs

She used premade Swedish Meatballs - this recipe note covers how to prep sauce and noodles


Pasta! Instant Pot Ziti Lasgane   photo

Poached Eggs     photo
Poached Pears    photo
Quiche - Keto    photo
Red Beans and Rice in your InstantPot      photo
Refried Beans - vegetarian version
Split Pea Soup with Ham       photo
Whole 30 No Peel Baked Sweet Potato     photo
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  Meatloaf Cupcakes image


Cupcake Cups Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes!


Eggbites mold image

Mini-Meatloaf in the

Eggbites mold

  Eggbites handheld treats image    



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